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BushPower - Suppliers of quality power products for 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts Solar panel rentals advert
BushPower - Suppliers of quality power products for 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts
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BushPower Products

BushPower’s Solar68 is the "original" portable rollable thin-film solar panel in South Africa. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so it is no wonder that others liked the idea and now make similar products. BushPower’s Solar68 project started in mid-2007 and prototyping & testing lasted almost one year before the product was ready to go on sale in mid-2008. With the exception of minor changes, the product continues to prove itself completely reliable, no doubt due to the workmanship and quality materials used.
Every item in the kit is designed and included after careful thought. At the same time I try and keep prices as low as possible.

Unlike the lower-output foldable blanket-type portable panels, the laminates used in the Solar68 easily perform like 80-85W traditional glass solar panel. So for the person who needs a portable solar panel or does not have space for a traditional glass solar panel, the Solar68 is a perfect solution.

Products and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
All prices include VAT.

Product thumbnail imageFlexopower Lithium 444 Portable Power Pack
Product code FP-LITHIUM444
R 7595.00
Product thumbnail imageAtacama 79W Foldable solar panel kit
Product code SLP-FP-ATA
R 8550.00
Product thumbnail imageFlexopower Mojave 120W foldup kit
Product code FP-MOJAVE
R 6695.00
Product thumbnail imageFlexpower Tacoma 120W Semi Flex Panel kit
Product code FP-TACOMA
R 6950.00