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BushPower - Suppliers of quality power products for 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts Solar panel rentals advert
BushPower - Suppliers of quality power products for 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts
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BushPower Products

The solar panel kits listed here have been put together using experience and client feedback. These kits cover the range of needs of most 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts: from the smallest solar panel that you can realistically use to the largest that can usually be fitted, and from the cheaper to the more expensive options.

There are two types of BushPower solar kits available: READY MADE and DIY (Do-It-Yourself).
As the name implies, the whole kit is pre-assembled and requires nothing more. The protective / mounting frame is assembled, the solar panel is fitted into the frame, an output cable is connected to the solar panel, all the cables are cut and the connectors fitted, and a solar regulator is supplied. All labour, consumables, etc are included in the price of the kit - all that a client needs to do is decide where to place the regulator and connect it to the battery.
If you are handy with a few tools and have time to spare, to make the BushPower solar kits as affordable as possible these are now available as a DIY option. With the DIY kits the protective / mounting frame is included free of charge. By choosing a BushPower DIY solar kit you are guaranteed quality components at the lowest possible price: all the components you need are included, all that is required is to select a solar regulator of your choice.

PLEASE READ EACH KIT’S DETAILS CAREFULLY. If none of the kits are suitable for your requirements and you would like to put together your own kit, i.e. a different solar panel, solar regulator, or your own specific wiring requirements, please contact us.

1. The prices of these kits are fixed. If you would like to change any individual item then the prices applicable to each individual component will apply.
2. Fuses are NOT supplied as these depend on the specifics of each installation.
3. The range of kits varies from time to time depending on the availability of solar panels.

Products and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
All prices include VAT.

Product thumbnail imageSolar 4x4 Kit - 80W Budget
Product code SLK-SW80-B
R 2350.00
Product thumbnail imageSolar 4x4 Kit - 80W #1
Product code SLK-SDT85-01
R 3425.00
Product thumbnail imageSolar 4x4 Kit - 80W #2
Product code SLK-SDT85-02
R 3575.00
Product thumbnail imageSolar 4x4 Kit - 80W #3
Product code SLK-SDT85-03
R 3875.00