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BushPower - Suppliers of quality power products for 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts Solar panel rentals advert
BushPower - Suppliers of quality power products for 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts
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BushPower Products

AGM batteries differ from flooded lead acid batteries in that the electrolyte is held in the glass mats, as opposed to freely flooding the plates. Very thin glass fibers are woven into a mat to increase surface area enough to hold sufficient electrolyte on the cells for their lifetime. The fibers that compose the fine glass mat do not absorb nor are affected by the acidic electrolyte. These mats are wrung out 2–5% after being soaked in acids, prior to manufacture completion and sealing.
The plates in an AGM battery may be any shape. Some are flat, others are bent or rolled. AGM batteries, both deep cycle and starting, are built in a rectangular case to BCI battery code specifications.
A dry cell has the electrolyte immobilized as a paste, with only enough moisture in it to allow current to flow. Unlike a wet cell, a dry cell can operate in any orientation without spilling as it contains no free liquid, making it suitable for portable equipment.

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Product thumbnail imageDiscover/Deltec AGM UPS/Alarm Battery 12V 7.2Ah
Product code BAT-ENZ-AGM7.2
R 256.95
Product thumbnail imageDiscover EV24A Dry Cell 85Ah Deep Cycle Battery
Product code BAT-DIS-EV24A
R 3444.62
Product thumbnail imageDiscover EV27A Dry Cell 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery
Product code BAT-DIS-EV27A
R 4069.80
Product thumbnail imageDiscover EV31A Dry Cell 115Ah Deep Cycle Battery
Product code BAT-DIS-EV31A
R 4849.56
Product thumbnail imageDiscover EV12 Dry Cell 140Ah Deep Cycle Battery
Product code BAT-DIS-EV12
R 5600.00
Product thumbnail imageOptima RedTop 50Ah starting battery
Product code BAT-OPT-R50L
R 6058.87
Product thumbnail imageOptima YellowTop 55Ah deep cycle battery
Product code BAT-OPT-Y55L
R 4558.17
Product thumbnail imageOptima YellowTop 75Ah deep cycle battery
Product code BAT-OPT-Y75L
R 5719.60