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BushPower - Suppliers of quality power products for 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts Solar panel rentals advert
BushPower - Suppliers of quality power products for 4x4 and outdoor enthusiasts
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BushPower Products

BushPower is pleased to be a Solarworld partner, and as such, we offer advice, project management, and solutions in the small to medium grid tie solution space. Solar PV power generation, whilst relatively new in South Africa, is very advanced in Europe and the rest of the world. Through our partnership with Solarworld, we are able to offer Solarworld PV products and mounting structures, as well as industry leading SMA products.
We have put together a sample complete Solar PV system below, but as each system needs to be designed to suit the needs of the individual user, it is best to discuss requirements and then spec a system to meet those requirements.

BushPower’s own 2.88kW Solar PV system is available online. Click here to see real time and historical statistics since Sept 2013

Products and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
All prices include VAT.

Product thumbnail image3.5kW Grid Tie System
Product code BP-GT-3000-SMA
R 82500.00